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Get your camera out and start shooting!

​As a photographer, I am always behind the camera and almost never a part of the memories I document with my own family.  I have a thousand pictures of my son and I adore each and every one of them.  I love looking through my photo books to appreciate how cute and tiny he was as a baby and can't believe how fast the time has gone by when the energetic little boy zips past me as he ever so strategically shoots me with one of his crazy spider man web shooters.  That said, I recently started to think about what his memories will be.  Will he one day enjoy looking a photos of his precious little face as much as I do?  How will he remember the look of sheer pride and joy on my face that is meant only for him if I'm not part of the picture?  As a result of this thought process this weekend my son and I are going to enjoy a little quality studio time with tripod and wireless trigger in hand.  No doubt, I will hear things like "c'mon mom... do we have to?  I'm tired, I'm thirsty, I'm hungry."  But hopefully, if I can keep this going on a regular basis, so he will one day enjoy looking at the memories of us TOGETHER and you can do the same.

Every memory of your family doesn't have to include a fancy background and perfect lighting, but it should include every member you love... so get out that point & shoot camera (doesn't have to be expensive), read the manual to learn how to use the timed shutter release and invest in an inexpensive tripod (you can find one online for $18 bucks).  Most of all, have a great time capturing those memories with smiles, laughter and the silliest faces your imagination can offer.  I promise... you'll be glad you did!

Preparing for your headshot is just as important as the headshot itself.  For actors and models the headshot is hands down the most important investment into your career.  It is your introduction to the industry, the very first impression you have the opportunity to make.  Let's face it... if you send out a bad photo to casting agents you are not getting in the door and we've all seen that picture of ourselves where we say "ugh, that doesn't even look like me".    That said, in today's technological environment of social media, the headshot is just as important to business professionals on all levels.  It allows you to represent yourself across the internet, in print and various presentations.  My best advice is to be prepared and you can start by doing the following:

Schedule your headshot session for 1-2 weeks out.  In that time, go through photos of yourself and take notice of what you like and don't like... it could be a hairstyle, the angle of your head, the clothes you are wearing, etc.  We all know what we love and hate about ourselves in a photograph.  The next step is improving on all the things you've noticed that were out of sorts.  No one needs to be a natural model-like beauty to take a great headshot, but everyone should prepare to look their best.

 Grooming, grooming grooming.  If you are in need of a haircut, get one at least 7 days prior to the shoot.  You may want to consider getting  a facial.  If your budget doesn't permit, there are many great home grown skin care regimens that will make you glow and Google will find them all.  I personally scrub my face once a week by combining sugar with any good oil (argan, olive, etc) just remember to follow the scrub with a good cleanser to avoid clogged pores and breakouts.  Eyebrows should also be groomed and that applies to both the ladies and the gents.  Admit it boys... some of you can grow little tentacles above your eyes ; ) 

Now that your skin looks great, your hair is trimmed (including brows!!), its time to choose the looks.  For most actors and models I suggest the best you would normally look on a random weekday.  Pick a few of your favorite tops...  textures are great as well as layers and I'm always a huge fan of jewel tone colors.  I do however, suggest that you avoid all white, all black and any large and/or very busy pattern.  Your photo is about the talented, beautiful you, not the large stripes, polka dots or flowers. As far as makeup is concerned I always recommend that it be daytime, age appropriate and bring it with you along with a hair brush and your additional wardrobe (ironed of course).  The best way to start your session is with the most subtle way you like your makeup and then add something a little more dramatic with each wardrobe change. 

On the day of the shoot be well rested, follow the direction from your photographer and get ready to have some fun.  Enjoy your session, be silly, be serious. be YOU!

Preparing for your headshot session

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